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At the beginning of Covid-19, people did not know about the importance of face masks. The symptoms were unknown at that time and it was unsure whether the face masks help in prevention or not. With the rapid outbreak of Covid-19, several types of research have done so far showing the effectiveness of face masks in the protection of this pandemic. Do you wonder what types of face masks are out there and which one protects the most? Undoubtedly, face masks protect the Covid-19 along with other protective measures such as social distancing and hand hygiene. However, different types of face masks

COVID-19 has brought such drastic disruptions in our daily lives that we could never have imagined in our wildest dreams a few months back. It has upended our social lives and forced billions around the world to follow, inter alia, stringent social distancing, and wear a face mask to prevent the spread of this contagion. The WHO has also validated the role of Medical Face Masks, especially 3 Ply (layer) disposable face masks, in battling coronavirus. That is why wearing a disposable face mask has become a standard operating procedure for the majority of Britons as the government has made