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3 Layer Medical Face Mask with Ear Loop


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Our expertly designed medical mask delivers a quick, easy and convenient solution for the protection and prevention of air-borne impurities. Our portable face mask offers effective filtration against pollen, dust, smog, chemicals and germs. Hypo-allergenic, adjustable and comfortable, it is suitable for use in a number of public and private environments – including, but not limited to, hospitals, dental clinics, GP surgeries, factories, workshops, catering sites, gardens, vets, pet parlours, nail salons, etc.

Our lightweight, breathable half face mask is ideal for use on public transport in confined spaces – aeroplanes, trains, trams, tubes, buses, taxis to provide optimum protection.

  • Premium Quality Construction
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Safe, Hypo-allergenic, Odourless
  • Protection Portable & Versatile Use
  • Safely Sealed Polypacked

* Please note that our masks may vary in colour from the images shown.

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Odourless Protection

Comfortably Fit

Premium Quality

Premium Quality Construction.

Our premium medical face mask features a breathable, hypo-allergenic, enviro-friendly 3-ply microfiber fabric specially designed to effectively filter dust / airborne impurities for protection and prevention for both adults and children.

Comfortable Fit.

Modify your medical face mask for optimum fit with soft, elasticated ear loops and a pliable nose piece to mould to the contours of the face and nose. Our convenient one-size design with adjustable fit allows you to ensure maximum protection against impurities with ease and comfort.

Safe, Hypo-allergenic, Odourless Protection.

Our half face medical mask is light and easy wearing. 100% breathable and 100% hypo-allergenic so ideal for those who may be prone to sensitivities, our mask feels soft to the touch and doesn’t emit an unpleasant odour. Feels natural to wear.

Portable & Versatile Use.

Wear your medical face mask in all public spaces – at the airport, on public transport, at the office, shopping centres, etc for optimal protection. Our 10-pack is light and easy to carry or transport in handbags, rucksacks, suitcases. Easily disposable for convenient, effective use.

Our Guarantee to You.

We stand by the quality and functionality of our medical face masks. If you have any product queries or need help in any way, we’re more than happy to help you. Please email us directly for fast, friendly customer service you can trust.


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